How to deal with conflict

How to deal with conflict
 As a result of conflict of interest may occur conflicts. Although they can not be avoided, you can learn how to effectively resolve conflicts and guide them in a constructive direction.
 Two people with exactly the same outlook on life does not exist. All different character, temperament, in response to certain events. Therefore, there are disputes and misunderstandings that can lead to conflict.

If you feel that the conversation takes a dangerous turn, take matters into their own hands. Tactful and friendly, not to be provoked, ignore your opponent attempts to translate the conversation at elevated tone. It is better not to avoid conflict, but to learn to deal with it until the relationship is not strained to the limit.

Keep track of your speech and avoid phrases that provoke conflict. Your words should not lead to the fact that your partner will be forced to join with you in the fray. Do not use tokens that can catch or hurt. Monitor your speech, does not diminish the interlocutor.

Calm down and try to steer the conversation in a constructive manner. Suggest opponents express their solutions to the problem. Prepare to be that you will have to compromise, because you can not win a conflict without spilling examining interests of the other party.

To resolve the conflict situation, you need to understand exactly what you want you and your opponent. Think, if you can find a solution that both sides were satisfied. Determine what loss you incur in such a way out, vote loss interlocutor.

Analyzing each of the possible solutions, you will find the most acceptable to both sides. Take it out, you should stick to its terms.

If you think that over time, the conflict could exhaust itself, try to get away from the dispute. Avoiding discussion of the problem will help to postpone the conflict.

Conflict is not necessarily forced to bear the loss. At a certain stock of circumstances, both parties can benefit from the resolution of a dispute. Of course, such cases are rare, but the conflict can bring practical benefits.

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