How to cope with shyness

How to cope with shyness
 Shyness in a relationship can be manifested in different ways - you may feel uncomfortable when dealing with unfamiliar men deny any expression of interest to you, to give up a lot of joy of living together. If shyness prevents you to build relationships with men, deprives the joy of sexual satisfaction, then it must be fought.
 Determine the cause of his shyness. Perhaps its origins lie in early childhood - you suppressed the parents did not give the initiative, you grew timid child, and no one tried to help you to be liberated. Free from the burden of the past is possible only by a long and constant work on oneself, struggle with their systems.

Remove the cause of his shyness. If you think your body is imperfect and unattractive, then work out and start to care for skin. Limit yourself to the food, sit on a diet, diet change. Gradually, as your figure will acquire slender form, you will begin to feel more confident and be able to wear tight dresses, mini skirts, etc.

If you find it difficult to converge with strangers, such problems can be solved only through practice. Fight your fears and insecurities, learn to ignore the opinion of strangers to you people. Refer to the men with the requests, ask advice, learn to ask questions and to hold a conversation.

The problem of cohabitation may scare you, so often your novel ends with a transition to a more intimate relationship. The disadvantage of the fact that your life will be a person to whom you will have to appear without make-up and hairstyles, personal hygiene, and other fears intimate space violations are corrected several sessions of psychotherapy. Just imagine what he is experiencing the same emotions, the same is going through and the waves. Highlight in your environment confident person, actions and behaviors that you admire and copy his actions. Gradually, you will learn how to respond to such things calmer'll get used to the man quickly.

Tightness in the intimate life leads to a rapid cessation of relations - no one likes to have sex with a partner who rejects new and not allow yourself to experience pleasure. Liberating, trying different kinds of sex, take the initiative, even in cases where you are not sure that it looks tempting. Experience in love affairs only comes with time, so never criticize yourself for shyness, but just try to try on different images.

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