How to become a happy woman?

How to become a happy woman?
 Feeling of happiness - is the knowledge that you live in harmony with the environment. This means that the events that happen to you, the atmosphere and the people who surround you, you do not cause an internal rejection and do not irritate. In this state, you are not only satisfied with their environment, but also themselves. Agree that from this one would not mind, but for some reason not all succeed. Although become happy woman is not really that hard.

Understand for once and for all that you have all surrounding reality - in fact, just what is reflected in your eyes, heart and mind. At the same event or thing two different people will look different, differently would react to it in different ways describe. So your attempt to change the reality around you - are meaningless. Just try to change their attitude to what is happening and to look at things differently.

Love yourself and think of all their good fortune as a reward for what you are good and the right person. Attitude and think of all the difficulties, troubles and obstacles as an excuse to temper his feelings, his character, to show his commitment and fighting qualities.

Learn how to determine for itself what is really valuable for you. You will be surprised when it turns out that these things because of which get upset and ripping his soul, very little. Appreciate what you have, and do not waste yourself on trifles, chasing elusive things and grieving for trifles.

Become an independent person who is responsible for their actions, for their lives and well-being of their own and their loved ones. Do not put the blame on circumstances and do not envy anyone - if you want something to reach or achieve, do not rely on anyone but yourself.

Learn to see the beauty and enjoy it. Do not waste your years on gossip, intrigue, sitting in front of the TV - it you have one. Travel, you will not even need to go to tridesyatom country - simply select the city, the nature, sit near the water, listening to the sound of leaves, inhale air deeply - and you will see how happy you are!

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