How to be witty

How to be witty
 Witty man always attracts the attention of others. Quips and humor enliven communication, and if you look deeper, promote spiritual growth, understanding the principles of the basics of life.
 Some people wit is a way to communicate with the outside world. They become the "soul of the company": always able to "defuse" the situation, to steer the conversation interesting for all channels. In this case, all participants feel at ease, relaxed, not afraid to enjoy the fellowship and enjoy life.

The discussions and debates it witty man concise, understandable and justified than attracts a large number of supporters and affects the perspective of the rest. Many Russian poets known for their epigrams, which served as a fine example of the expression of wit and talent.

In the explanatory dictionary of Ushakov wit is defined as a certain sophistication of thought and creativity in the process of finding successful, colorful, bright and funny expressions.

To be witty man, it is important to train your mind to be able to intelligently and elegantly express their thoughts, be a good psychologist, have a firm stance. It is also necessary to combine his education, the importance of words and a sense of proportion.

An example of wit can serve as proverbs. Each of these "shines", and therefore "lives" for centuries.

To achieve the wit to be educated and well-read man. A large vocabulary and the ability to analyze Read help subtly and accurately express their thoughts. Techniques of rhetoric, its basic concepts you will also have to master to perfection.

Try to communicate more, because when you communicate most directly learn wit, find and fasten those necessary skills and techniques to help you develop.

Do not forget to listen to the other party. Misconduct and haste never adorn even the most ingenious man. In addition, listening, you learn to analyze the information and form their views based on what he heard.

Thomas Fuller, the famous Englishman once said that wit should be used only as a shield rather than as a sharp sword, that hurt others, and rights remain unchanged for centuries.

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