How to be strong

How to be strong
 Decisiveness - one of the qualities that makes it feel more confident in their actions. The less you are having doubts when choosing the easier it is to do. If doubts overcome you every time you need to steel himself and become more resolute.
 Decisiveness is increasingly characterized by men than women. Representatives of the stronger sex by nature endowed with this quality. In the past, they could not linger, otherwise there was a risk falling prey to wild animals. Women determination was useless: no important decisions are not taken, relying entirely on her man.

However, times are changing. In order to be successful and independent, we need not only skills, intuition, and determination, which suffers from the lack of a considerable number of the fairer sex.

To become more determined, you must drop all fears. Most often, a woman fears for the outcome of a decision. She can not accurately predict how the situation will turn, and therefore extremely reluctant to make a choice. The fear of making a mistake is a kind of anchor that simply does not allow to make quick and accurate decisions. Once you understand that mistake - this is just a way to enrich their life experience - then make choices will be much easier.

Remove importance to the subject of choice. Women tend to exaggerate the significance of things, in fact, do not have signs assigned to them. If you approach to all problems, viewing them from the perspective of a global scale, it will be easier to make decisions.

In the case when the problem is really important, try to ignore the situation. Imagine that you asked a friend for advice, give advice and much easier than to follow them. You can also write down all the "pros" and "cons", and then make a decision, after analyzing the number of arguments.

Try every day to do something, which he had never done before. Do not be afraid to experiment and take risks. Believe in yourself and listen to your inner voice. Over time, this will make you more strong and independent.

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