How to avoid conflict in communication

How to avoid conflict in communication
 Conflict can arise unexpectedly. One wrong word or gesture can cause a collision. To prevent this, it is important to be able to create a welcoming, have to communicate the situation.
 Rarely is such that you are consciously intending to start a conversation, to complete it by the conflict. Most often, this kind of troubles occur by chance. Someone lost his temper and responded to the comments of his interlocutor very sharply, someone raised the issue, which would not be worth raising, etc. To avoid conflict in communication, you need to carefully watch their words, gestures and emotions.

First of all, do not interrupt the interlocutor. Permanent pause that a person have to do in the course of conversation, if it is interrupted, begin to irritate and lead to the destruction of a pleasant setting. If you do not agree with what the other person says, wait for it to finish, and then express your point of view.

Do not be very categorical. Do not need to insist on the latter. Always try to keep the right to life and other people's point of view. The more you try to understand the opponent, the more likely you will be able to avoid a conflict with him.

During the conversation, no harm will find with someone something that you have in common. Remember this every time your emotions are too strong. Listen carefully to the interlocutor, trying to find his words those aspects that are close to you.

It is best to give up the words, bearing negative emotional color, even if they are not addressed to your opponent. They violate the friendly atmosphere and set the stage for the emergence of a conflict situation.

Nonverbal communication often plays a lesser role than verbal. Your mood can be transmitted through your posture, eyes, facial expressions. For them to keep at least closely than spoken words. During a conversation, try to take the same position as that of your partner. This will show him that you are "on the same wavelength," and that it is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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