How to avoid aggression

How to avoid aggression
 In life everything happens. Any person may be subjected to aggression, attempted robbery, hooligan attack, even if you do not give any reason for this. Therefore it is very important to be able to foresee a situation where you can become a victim of someone else's unprovoked aggression to avoid them if possible. As one ancient Chinese sage: "The highest art of the commander - to win the war without starting a war at all." So how do you act correctly to avoid aggression?
 Of course, one does not require you to become a craven coward, sitting behind the tightly locked door and do not protrude beyond the threshold of the nose. At least, because it's just unreal. But reasonable caution, prudence, the rate is not cowardice, but of wisdom. In other words, try to behave so as to prevent stupid, unnecessary risk.

Returning home late at night, choose a route through the crowded, well-lit streets. Do not cut the road, trying to save time, if they have to go through the park wasteland, construction, etc. These savings can cost you dearly: in fact criminals just trying to trap their victims in such places.

Try to rotate in a circle of decent people, avoid dubious acquaintances. And certainly not "open heart" almost to the first comer, even if you are by nature kind and sociable. Hardly worth immediately invited him to his home or receive his invitation. First, take a look, find a better man.

Do not enter the elevator with a stranger. Try not to get into the car to a stranger, or even a taxi driver if he somehow makes you suspicious. These rules are particularly relevant to women. For a man, they are not as required, especially if it is well developed physically, especially trained in boxing or martial arts. Nevertheless, caution can not hurt.

Avoid precipitating factors. For example, try not to show that when you have a large sum of money. Women, even very beautiful and slim, you should not wear mini skirts and tops too deep neckline. Of course, this does not in the slightest degree justifies the rapists, but why themselves to attract trouble?

If you see a suspicious company from a distance (eg, drunken, or explicitly aggressively behaving teens), take the exit. Just try it does not show your fear, pretend that it was going to go there.

Carry a a weapon of self-defense (such as pepper spray, stun gun, traumatic gun). In the case of a dangerous situation, quickly remove and demonstrate the potential aggressor. Make it clear that you are not afraid to put it in motion. This may confuse him and make him retreat.

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