How do you know a person's character in the eyes

How do you know a person's character in the eyes
 Eyes - a mirror of the human soul. It is in the eyes of people looking at each other, when they want to see whether a person is lying, they give a man when he is nervous or scared. Also, the color of the eye can judge the character.  
 Despite the image, sung in poems and songs, blue-eyed people - focused and not too sentimental, they are difficult to pity tears. Sometimes people with blue eyes may experience depression or bouts of uncontrolled anger. Usually, the blue-eyed people have a calm character, but inhibits their monotony.

Holders of dark brown eyes have a natural appeal, wit, sensuality. This temperamental people who quickly erupt, but just as quickly and forget grudges. They are extremely amorous. The only drawback of the brown-eyed people can call some moodiness.

People with light brown eyes are totally different. They are quiet, nice, shy and dreamy. This individualists who seek to do everything on their own, and in this brown-eyed achieve great success. Owners of light brown eyes can not tolerate pressure from the outside and very vulnerable, even though you might not even notice that hurt them.

Green-eyed people are incredibly gentle. They love sincerely and passionately and differ loyalty and devotion to those whom they have chosen. These are good listeners and interlocutors, not without imagination. Green-eyed like stability and excellent job with leadership positions.

Owners of gray eyes smart and decisive. They prefer to solve problems without delay, but lost in situations where the mind is impotent. Gray-eyed people are inquisitive and sensitive. They are all interesting, they love to try new things and are more successful.

Black eyes have a natural magnetism. It is energetically strong people with restless character and great stamina. Loved-black-eyed and passionate, and no obstacles will not stop them on their way to the object of adoration.

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