How do I know the character of the face

How do I know the character of the face
 When meeting with a person wants as soon as possible to know everything about it. Of course, at first it will only show their best qualities, but negative to hide. And how can we understand what lies behind the mask? Pay attention to the face.
 In the face, according to some scientists, it is possible not only to learn the nature of man, but also to determine its fate. In this issue you need to take a comprehensive approach to the study of the face of the elect - shape of the face, eyes, lips, eyebrows - all this will help you understand what kind of person in front of you. There is even a whole science - physiognomy, which helps to identify character traits in some respects the structure of the face.

Thus, shape. Look closely, it is oval, circle, trapezoid. Or maybe a triangle? Each of them speaks volumes. Oval suggests that before you prudent, thoughtful man, confident following his goal.

Triangular shapes individuals inherent creative people, talented but unstable. Devotion to them is not worth waiting. Artistry and peculiar people with face-trapezoid. However, they are very sensitive, never fight for their happiness.

Square face - a sign of masculinity and strength. This severe and intractable people. In contrast to the owners of a round face - this is real good-natured small. But they, too, can show exceptional leadership qualities, if they have prominent cheekbones.

The nose is also about the many ways to tell. No wonder that Gogol he escaped ... Long nose - a sign of individuality and conservatism. Positive and open-minded people tend to be gifted short nose. Holders should be afraid of the nose aquiline - is vindictive person.

Lips. More than the mouth and lips swell, the more courageous and sensible people they have. The same applies to the eye. Gray eyes wide open - a dream. They belong to the devotees brave people. As for the eyebrows, it is important, whether they are at all. Their absence - a sign of cunning and fused eyebrows - determination.

But make no mistake. Facial features change, so close you can know a person only after a long conversation with him.

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