Foundations of female diplomacy

Foundations of female diplomacy
 A successful relationship with a man is largely dependent on the behavior of women. Because only she can with her usual tact and diplomacy to change the attitude, change the situation for the better and even affect the feelings of the elect.
 Be weaker than men

Despite the difference in weight, women are much hardier men. They can work for a long time to wear not only at work but also at home, performing all daily activities. Can also hammer nails, screw the bulb and carry heavy bags. That's just the man to know about it is not necessary. Try as much as possible to ask him to commit a certain act, citing their lack of a request forces and inability, "whereas it it turns out just fine." Thanks to this man will become a habit to take care of you, and sometimes you screwed the bulb will be admired.

Set aside disputes in case of emergency

Do not try to get the man you require action by squabbling and direct dispute. This behavior is able to aggravate the situation and make a man more stubborn, because he can interpret your behavior as a desire to drive it under the heel. Seeing that he is determined to strongly agree with him, but after a while gently try to change the situation. In this case it is better to use expressions such as "I think so too, but you can ...." Rather than "That never happens! ".

Teach him to express feelings

Men are much more restrained emotions than women. And it's not always a bad thing, because he has not so much to talk about his love, how to prove her actions. But if you do not have enough kind words and attention, do not quarrel about it and do not be offended. Just teach him this, noticing his enthusiastic comments, kisses in the morning and saying how pleasant you like manifestations of attention.

Think about yourself

Creating comfort in the house, cooking and guidance purity often takes away all the free time in a woman. She had no energy left for you to freshen up, do gymnastics or just relax. But the man rarely pays attention to barely visible layer of dust or a special sauce, the creation of which lasted for 3 hours. But the well-groomed and beautiful woman always attract his eye. Therefore, when planning the household chores and be sure to make time for myself, even at the expense of what a tasty dish.

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