Development of Transpersonal Psychology

Development of Transpersonal Psychology
 Transpersonal psychology can be called the doctrine of any transpersonal states experiences, their causes, nature, forms and consequences. Transpersonal psychology studies all that changes the state of the human mind, such as: Space, religion, mysticism, spirituality and more.

Use and development of transpersonal psychology for the opening of individual abilities to achieve spiritual wisdom, love and compassion. This trend in psychology is closely linked with the practice of self-awareness, personal development, meditation, visualization, with eastern religions and spiritual traditions of many nations, with occultism and parapsychology.

Development of transpersonal psychology has been recognized by the Psychological Society, but this theory withstands a lot of criticism on the part of society. The most important aspect in the development of this direction - work with the deep layers of consciousness, focusing on the knowledge of spiritual development, psychological transpeorsonalnaya therapy.

Initially working with the deeper layers of the unconscious was performed using a deep change of human consciousness. For these purposes, the method of administration used in the trance state, hallucinogens. Later, we developed a special technique, which was an interesting name - "hlotropnoe breath." This technique is based on the right combination of human breathing and special music.

A person who practices hlotropnoe breath can know himself, get a new impetus to the spiritual development, information about the universe, to discover his connection with the cosmos.

The purpose of training hlotropnym breath - is going beyond his consciousness, to overcome limitations in time and space, a connection to the cosmic energy. Everyone can get information about all existing as well as the knowledge inexplicably found in him. It is the development of transpersonal psychology can achieve spiritual development, to grasp the higher meaning in life, to move beyond the limited scope of consciousness. As a result, a person acquires wisdom, love and spirituality.

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