Caution: you are manipulated!

Caution: you are manipulated!
 People manipulate each other all over the place: the parents of children, the children by parents, teachers, students, subordinates and superiors subordinates leadership. Someone is doing because of vanity, the other - because of revenge or jealousy. In any case, each manipulation is a control another person to serve their interests.

You can manipulate the person consciously or unconsciously. But manipulation is always aimed to perform the actions that are beneficial manipulated.

One type of manipulation is blackmail. When a person says about this phrase, "If you do not ... then I .." For example, when a guy says to kill herself if she left him. Or when the mother complains of heart whenever daughter goes on a date with a young man.

You can also control the person with the help of pressure. For example, in the family first child was born. Grandmother expressed her opinion about the harm of diapers, but the support of her daughter not found. Then the grandmother shares information about what the neighbor's child because of diapers can not accustom to the pot. Then she accidentally leaves an article on this subject in the most prominent place. And whenever it changes a diaper his grandson, says: "Poor thing, my bunny, see whether you have a diaper rash." After this manipulation grandmother and mother of the child if left to his own opinion, then it will be marred by nerves.

Some people have successfully used in the life of another kind of manipulation - the management of human feelings. In this case, the manipulator is not seeking material gain, and psychological. This manipulation is done to ensure that on a background of emptiness interlocutor feel much better. For example, the following situation from a conversation between two girls: "You, of course, well-performed the dance, no doubt, but at your age I had already won major dance competitions."

There are several ways to recognize manipulation and resist it. First, the observation of facial expressions and gestures of the interlocutor. If the conversation people often gesturing with his left hand and rubs his forehead and temples, then perhaps arm in front of you. When you feel that you are unwittingly forced to perform actions that you do not want to do, and skillfully manage your feelings of guilt, pity or envy, I thought: why do it to your opponent. To avoid blackmail smaller share valuable information with people who are not part of your inner circle.

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