Art to find compromises

Art to find compromises
 Most fairy tales end with the wedding of the protagonists. It would seem that the lovers together, what do you need for happiness? However, family life is rarely cloudless. Two loving people often have different outlook on life, not understanding the thoughts and feelings of each other. Therefore, the ability to find a compromise - a necessary skill for the preservation of peace in the family.

The best solution - the one that suits both. However, there are situations where you should not stubbornly stand your ground, risking to turn a small dispute in a large family conflict. This is especially true of minor things. And it was the little things often cause scandal! Therefore, before entering the fray, consider what is more important: to prove their case, or keep warm relationship.

Thus, a reasonable compromise - a sort of common denominator. To quickly find it, try to analyze the dispute. First of all, you need to look at it from the side and try to isolate the most important thing. For example, you and your husband can not agree on where to go on vacation. Do you prefer European countries, like museums and good restaurants, and he longs for active recreation on the coast. As is well known, museums and theaters are rare on the beach. So you can argue themselves hoarse urging favorite relax cultural, and can breathe and accept. The third option - to show his diplomatic skills and suggest that well-deserved vacation in a European resort towns, where you can be reached by car to all interesting sights.

Since any compromise requires concessions not only on you but also on the partner, you should come to talk with all seriousness. Relax and try to keep yourself in the hands of: excessive emotionality prevent constructive conversation. It is not necessary to convince the man that you were able to find the ideal solution, such tactics can cause resistance - because you show that smarter and smarter it. It is better to once again listen carefully to the views of the husband and the arguments which he cites in its defense. Yield slowly, agreeing with some of the arguments that have expressed interest and respect the point of view, the opposite of yours. When you are able to "find" a solution acceptable to both (the same beach in the cozy town near the cultural center), be sure to thank you for your understanding favorite.

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