7 things for which you should not be ashamed

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 The world is full of curiosities and absurd situations, the best way out of them - to laugh. However, there is another point of view, formulated by Fyodor Dostoevsky - conscientious person can not be happy. Let us then take a look at the cases in which we do not have to torment the conscience and shame, and yet we retain the right to be happy. Seven things for which you should not be ashamed.

1. Already in transport and with the help of the conductor know that the much-loved travel and / or purse stayed home. There is nothing wrong and shameful that the next will be people who can empathize with, and they will gather up for the trip. However, like to get out and go home on foot.

2. If you remove that cute guy from your list of friends on a social network with a frequency of 1, 33 times a month, referring to the fate of the villain, the difference between the characters and the quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery "no perfection in the world", and then again add. Absolutely natural choice for girls and boys hysterical.

3. The group "Silver Wedding" is a song with a characteristic for them and for us the name - "Do not be ashamed." In fact, can not do without citing: "drunk, ugly danced, considered herself Carmen ...". Do not be ashamed if you know the measure in the choreography.

4. The next thing for which you should not be ashamed called your favorite skirt or kilt, if you are male. Regardless of the degree of love in her legs and critical notes of others, if you like - wear.

5. Do not be ashamed to ask questions if you're at a reception at the doctor or at a lecture. Or do you need to clarify important information, and the other person talks a little too quiet, a bit too clear.

6. Exit the sea like Aphrodite, that is only in the foam, and sadly turn in the trail lost swimsuit. Or joy - it depends on the circumstances.

7. Last, the seventh point, perhaps the most important. Remember, if you saw a man lying on the street, regardless of its appearance and your guesses about the reasons for such a mishap, call an ambulance. Even if no other responds. To be human - not ashamed.

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