Women's charisma and female irrationality

Women's charisma and female irrationality
 A world in which people live - patriarchal, despite all the achievements of feminists. Power and the state - it's always men, and will long so no matter how many women occupied senior positions, even the highest. All live according to the laws established at the time men profess religion by men. And talk about women and women's charisma irrationality through men. They come from the belief that there is a universal human charisma, and there are some women, dark and unusual.  

In fact, men's view of women's charisma - is an underlying fear of unexplained male (for them) the power of women. The power of mothers, insidious power Lilith and homely wife, Eve. In this woman's ability to have an impact on the most correct and strong man fancies him something terrible, pristine, natural.

And, in general, they are right, a woman closer to nature and its laws. It is subject to the influence of the moon more than the company's internal regulations or law. That she invented human laws when it have power over the moon and God.

Its irrationality in the eyes of men - simply by their unwillingness or inability to understand the principles on which the woman lives. This father can evaluate your child, for example, the degree of success of his mind, or dosing and her love for him, according to this. Mother, from the point of view of a man enters irrational. Whatever her child, the mother loves him and stores. And loves Is Red and always that of children, who are now worse than someone who is weaker or dumber. This program is a natural, planted in a woman - to nurse their children, to protect not by force but by love.

About women's logic or who just let all sorts of jokes (like every man - a sample of rationality and logic and, as a minimum, Descartes or Kant). Although the woman no less logical than a man, just mind her arranged differently. She did not need to pronounce the whole chain of logical explanation - she misses her, posing a direct result. If you ask her, as Dr. Watson asked Sherlock Holmes, amazed with the result, it is possible, as the hapless doctor, disappointed, how logical it was built.

A simple example. The husband asked his wife in the evening, whether it brew tea. "Yes," - she says. But when he is about to pour out the tea, he hears: "No! »

Husband is angry with her illogic, but in fact it's simple - she said yes, because I wanted a cup of tea with her husband, but then I remembered that if now, before going to bed, drink it, then in the morning she may have swelling and Tomorrow she was going to wear tight shoes new!

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