Why does not he call

Why does not he call
 A man can stop and call after the first date, and during the long separation, and even if his relationship with women in developing for some time. This is especially frustrating if the girl is in love and suffer because of this indifference.
 Do not just get frustrated and think that you are not interested in a man. Over, the probability that it does not call for this reason, great, but still may be other explanations for such an act. Men tend to use standard excuses: not renewed balance, lost your number was busy at work or school, broken phone, etc. These patterns are often very far from the truth, so they should not be taken lightly. But there are other reasons, it is much more likely.

If you have some time to meet, but the initiative always comes from a young man, one day he may get tired of this situation. Sometimes a man deliberately do not call a girl waiting when she calls. Some representatives of the stronger sex even begins to seem that she only takes courtship, while remaining indifferent.

There is another possible cause, although it is not very pleasant. A man wants to conquer the girl to make her become dependent, and therefore deliberately not ring, forcing the lady to make the first move. Coldness on the part of a young man can be driven by the desire to manipulate. By the way, this way are even some Pickup Girls faster to seduce a girl.

Men also can not call, just because I do not know what to say. This is especially common after the first date, when the gentleman showed himself not with the best hand, or just as it does not seem like a lady. He may be afraid to spoil even stronger impression, or even get a rude refusal, and therefore hopes that she herself called and invited to the next meeting.

And finally, a man sometimes does not ring, because the woman does not like him or if he was tired of it and want to terminate the relationship for a while or forever. In any case, the easiest way to find out the real reason - after a certain time of the call. If a man will take care to avoid a meeting with you, then you do not like it, and it's time to look for a new admirer.

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