This hateful depression or self-help

This hateful depression or self-help
 Depression is peculiar to each individual. It comes in those periods when there is a change of values, or something in my life. Or vice versa - does not change. And it often happens that at the time of such emotional decline man left alone.

Without communicating with other people difficult to survive the depression. At the very least, friends, girlfriends, relatives, colleagues help to deal with it for a while. They are not always able to solve the real problem, and as will not only close beside the depression will return back.

Therefore always rely only on themselves. It's nice to remain loyal friends who can help cope with the problem. But only help. The problem itself is always better to decide for himself.

A decision that a person make himself, would be for him. Nobody knows the problem better than its "possessor". Then the man as he was not trying to be involved in your problem someone else, his own assistant and bears full responsibility for their actions. And the phrase "self-help" here can be very useful.

In a period of depression is often necessary when the need to carry out self-examination, alone with himself. In lonely hours often come to mind possible way out of the problem. Introspection and self-criticism (of course, in moderation) are needed to determine the identity of themselves and their places. Do not rely on someone else in solving their problems. Should be shared, but the last word should always leave behind.

Loved ones will always help to overcome some of the barriers. But the way out of the maze should always be for his party. Otherwise never find that the exit.

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