The first impression - the most correct

The first impression - the most correct
 The first impression can be made only once. Generally, people obviously want to please the stranger, so unconsciously or consciously trying to please, to show their best side. Is it always necessary?

When a person gets a job, a resume, he is focusing on the positive qualities, skills and professional competence, indicating its best features, which are welcomed by the employer. At the interview a potential employee selects the appropriate clothes, women pay attention to makeup, men tend to be clean-shaven. Here, as in many other ways (for example, a first date), the law works and consumer purchaser. For example, in your opinion store soon fall on a brilliant and large the greenhouse strawberries than less attractive home grown in the garden. The first few seconds can be "fatal" for the stranger, for the image that was formed in the mind of those moments, the stranger guided all subsequent time until it gets to know you closer.

Why are people from the first seconds is able to please, or vice versa, produces a feeling of revulsion? The fact that perceived by the parties tend to evaluate others on their own. Look to his inner circle, remember how you met. Probably half of your friends and acquaintances at the right time were able to please you by bright appearance, manner of communicating. Maybe your best friend was holding a book of your favorite author and friend of fragrant perfume exactly who you wanted to buy for so long?

But the first impression goes as quickly as it appears. After a "good" is the period dating relationships, which tend to be based on the principle of "trust but verify." Henceforth still not worth it to hang labels on a person you do not know. Perhaps this "shy little fat man" will be your best friend, and that "a stunning diva" - just a fleeting romance.

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