Spoiled phone: how to stop eavesdropping

Spoiled phone: how to stop eavesdropping
 This is the essence of man, the greatest weakness of which is perhaps of interest to other people's personal lives. This weakness has reached global proportions, and now craving for eavesdropping other people's secrets suffer not only the security services and the common people, but also hundreds of TV channels and other media.

Have you ever noticed that a quiet voice speaking person inevitably begin to listen? According to the method used by teachers and lecturers who wish to draw the attention of the audience to relax too.

Focus instantaneously increases and raise your voice is not necessary. Women manage skillfully draw attention to the person using the whispering. It is much more effective, even calling loud laughter.

What makes people listen? The mass of options, from simple curiosity to mistrust and suspicion arose regarding his partner, lover or friend.

Eavesdropping always gives rise to speculation and gossip. And speculation appear to lack of information, and then the adults respectable people addicted child, known to all the game "broken telephone", telling each other nonsense interspersed with facts. So it turns out: you do not have time to sneeze, and you have already made a victim of bird flu.

Of course, pathological craving for eavesdropping manifested mainly in a certain category of people who are forced to intervene in someone else's personal life in the absence of their own. While we all sin excessive curiosity.

Eavesdropping and sharing their guesses, we do not suspect the evil sowing in the lives of others. Rumors and speculation destroy marriages, quarrels close friends, prematurely entombed parents, break someone's career or fate.

Therefore, if you suddenly visit temptation to listen and learn the latest news of alien life, think about the possible consequences and put yourself in the other person. How much would you have liked scouting and savoring your secrets behind your back?

Gently but firmly to stop attempts to make you link other "broken telephone" to your actions do not bring harm to others. If you overhear, suffering from boredom, - try to find a passion and engage arrangement of his own life, as a happy wife and mother simply no time for childish nonsense.

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