Several aspects of female hysteria

Several aspects of female hysteria
 Almost every women knows firsthand hysterics. At least once in your life, even the most reasonable of the ladies covered uncontrollable urge to cry, scream, beat the dishes and throw a vase at the wall. Then comes a sense of shame and bewilderment, the recent hysterical asks himself, how could behave in this way.
 The name of the disease, and the disease was hysteria, translated as "wandering uterus." And, of course, almost to the end of the 19th century it was customary to assume that this illness is unique to women. Although it is scientifically proven that some men may be prone to bouts of the disease.

More often than female hysteria - is the result of awareness of their own powerlessness in the surrounding issues, the result of unsatisfied desire, a splash of long hidden emotions. Once the process has started, it ceases to control women. "Trigger" to exit hysteria may be as objective reasons (hormonal disturbances or changes in the body) and subjective (one careless word opponent, his act).

Clearly distinguish between consumer hysteria and medical diagnosis. Classic showdown between spouses in breaking plates, mutual boxing ears and tears of his wife - a classic hysterics at the household level. Such a surge of emotions raging for some time, and then the storm subsides. A relationship between the spouses often come to normal.

But there is a hysteria associated in one way or another, with a warehouse person. For example, there are female hysteric, who from a young age, perhaps from childhood accustomed to this way to express their feelings. And often this way a woman accustomed to seek his from others. She was so responsive to emerging challenges.

Sometimes hysterical reactions occur during hormonal changes in the body, for example, during pregnancy or during menopause. At this time, the nature of women is changing, acquires crying, she often changes the mood, it is susceptible to anxiety and irritability. In this case, the reception of special preparations drug or natural character will solve the problem.

There are also psychological types that are characterized by emotional outbursts of energy. For example, type epileptoid - women of this type went into hysterics because for too long hoarded inside emotions. And sooner or later they will overwhelm them.

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