Regret and guilt

Regret and guilt
 Regret and guilt are laid from early childhood parents. When a child breaks a plate, parents try to explain that it is impossible to do so, causing regret. If a baby whimpering in the store and require expensive toy, tell him that she did not have enough money, and then the parents have to give up something else, thus causing a feeling of guilt in the child.

These feelings accompany the person for life, making control of their actions, divided into "good" and "bad". So people say and do what they expect others to make a good impression.

Children subconsciously trying to evoke a sense of guilt in parents, saying that they do not like their own child, and therefore are not allowed to do anything. This kind of manipulation, which adopts a child from their parents.

In school aged students is always something to require teachers, pushing the guilt by a reproach for bad behavior or poor preparation for employment.

If you do what is deemed unacceptable by society, a sense of guilt and regret. We have to always take into account the opinions of others, worry about how people would react to their behavior. All religion is built on a solid sense of guilt, because the word "sin" is associated with the church. All men are sinners, then all guilty of something and have to repent.

When a person violates generally accepted rules or the rules laid down in it from birth, he regrets his actions and wants to change the past. Sometimes this emotion causes of mental disorders.
Feelings of guilt often arises from the inability to predict the outcome of a particular act. For example, the child took the dog for a walk, but the dog is big and strong, she broke out of the hands together with a leash and hit by a car. The child may have a lifetime will feel guilty that could not hold the lead that took the dog for a walk at the wrong place at the wrong time. Here and there neuroses.

To overcome bearing down feeling must agree with the fact that really made a mistake. If someone brought trouble, it is necessary to apologize, try to fix or help in solving other problems. It is necessary to do good deeds not in his own defense, and to be proud of themselves.

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