Psychotherapy and spiritual traditions

Psychotherapy and spiritual traditions
 Civilization, in spite of his great age, continues to evolve. And this development is accompanied by a huge information flows. Today, the presence of various (true and false) information leads to the fact that people are beginning to realize that it is easier to live and consume than to live and is committed to self-development and creativity.

Modern man have access to everything in the literal sense of the word. This factor becomes the fundamental cause of the crisis of culture - why develop spiritually, if for normal functioning of all is at hand? Religion and tradition are no longer taken seriously, they now occupy "honorable" in the list of fictional characters such as Santa Claus, or Santa Claus.

In other words, the availability of information and the complete satisfaction of physiological "distort" the culture of people who are only imaginary factors for their development. And the man who knows how to think and feel, we have to keep searching for all the answers yourself.

Psychotherapists in our time are sort of diviners, who laid out a mosaic of stories of a man who came to see him. No one is as helpless as a professional therapist.

Themselves therapists say "therapy, which we hold to its customers, does not relieve a person from suffering, it will teach him to live with them." When a person is saturated with information, he begins to suffer from a lack of new knowledge. The usual things begin to seem bored and boring. And psychotherapy is similar to anesthesia or Novocain.

After action "anesthesia" is gone, everything will start again: people will "absorb" the information and satisfy their carnal desires. And if a patient begins to realize that the cause of his disorder in itself and in the way of life that he leads, the specialist will be able to help him get out of this difficult situation. And if there is no such awareness, the whole procedure will be reduced to two simple words: "The fool!"

There is such a vital strategy as loneliness. That is, it can become the impetus for self-development. But man, feeling the lack of a merger with others, again withdraws into himself - is closed.

It is worth noting that education plays a fundamental role in human development. It should be incorporated therein together with the ability to survive. Often, education is not in accord with human feelings, his instincts, needs and aspirations.

The more people get a good education, the more he will be able to understand yourself and build yourself from a person who is committed to creativity and creation, rather than consumption.

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