Perfectionism. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Perfectionism. Allow yourself to make mistakes
 Unfortunately, the twenty-first century is not only multiplied the achievements of civilization and scientific and technological progress, but also added a number of psychological problems of man, striving for a beautiful life. Realizing that the best - the enemy of the good, many still believe that the need to perfect all aspects of his life.

Perfectionism or desire for continuous improvement of themselves and everything around begins in early childhood. The efforts of the parents in any way to make your child "most-most" often leads to the emergence in the grown offspring syndrome honors, which manifests a constant thirst for exemplary and impeccable.

Fear of mistakes and the punishment of eternal need for praise and encouragement strengthen mental stress, create favorable conditions for the formation of an inferiority complex, various phobias and, ultimately, depression. Man chasing a jeweler's precision their undertakings must sooner or later come to understand that almost any business perfectly on the first try very hard to perform. Otherwise, the inevitable emergence of an internal conflict between the desire of man and his dissatisfaction with the result. Perfectionist hundredfold able to rewrite a chapter of the novel, to hone their culinary skills or infinitely choose a life partner. Instead of taking time out to reassess values, such a person increases the demands on themselves and others, and sometimes bring themselves to having to go to the help of a psychiatrist.

To avoid this, it is necessary to focus on a healthy perfectionism rule stating that not mistake the one who does nothing. Indeed, the desire to be more intelligent, beautiful, successful surrounding justified only if the individual develops their talents grow professionally before reaching the point of absurdity, and realizing that experience - the best teacher and invaluable, allowing to achieve the desired. Learn from your mistakes is not only stupid, but also people who later attained the position in society, become famous and rich.

Sane person realizes that starting small and going their own way, making mistakes, being deceived, filling cones, but without departing from their dreams and started throwing, sooner or later you get the desired result.

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