Non-verbal means of communication

Non-verbal means of communication
 Views, gesture, touch, even the position of the body - it's all non-verbal means used by people when communicating. About 70% of a contact's information a person receives, proceeding from the interpretation of body language. The difference in words and non-verbal symbols may indicate that a person is lying to you. Women, because of their sensitivity to understand body language better than men.

The variety of non-verbal communication can be divided into several main categories:

1. Expressive-expressive movements: facial expressions, gestures, gait, posture;
2. Tactile motion: pat on the shoulder or back, shaking hands, kissing, touching, shaking hands;
3. Visually-pin sight: the duration of sight, its direction, frequency of contact;
4. The spatial movements: placing the table, distance, orientation.

Do not forget that if you take into account and try to interpret individual gestures, without combination with other signals of the body, you can be misled. Should draw conclusions only on the basis of the whole picture as a whole, ie taking into account all the nuances of behavior of the interlocutor, his mental and physical condition.

Gestures and body postures can tell a lot about the interlocutor. So wide spread hands with palms turned up, talking about openness and sincerity. The same symbol and shaking hands with arm circumference interlocutor with both hands. Friendliness, sincerity and openness manifested in an unbuttoned jacket or shirt. Involuntary movements and postures up interlocutor speaks of complete separation of his point of view, the unconditional acceptance of their views.

The human body, getting on a subconscious level signals from the brain, may inadvertently give the lie. For example, a typical symbol of what you tell a lie, considered scratching the nose or pocketed hands. On closure, closure of human unwillingness to talk contact crossed his arms and crossed as standing and sitting, legs.

Hand propping his head, the person on the body language tells you that he is bored and uninteresting, you can fix this by changing the subject or asked an unexpected question. Disapproval and disagreement with you symbolizes smoothing nonexistent wrinkles in clothes, shaking off the dust of the missing, flick skirt. The housing body turned toward the exit, or the direction of the legs to the same mean desire companion to leave the room. Nonverbally irritation manifested in involuntary loosening the collar or tie in extra hand movements, in rubbing the neck, women - tingling in her purse.

Sexual interest in men and women are different. Tucked in his belt thumbs, widely spaced legs or hands placed on hips talk about interest man woman. Glance, it may linger on selected parts of the body. Unconsciously raising his head, pulling a blouse or straightening hair, a woman in a non-verbal level, trying to attract a man. Open your legs, bare wrist, half-dressed shoe on crossed leg - means a woman's desire to start flirting.

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