Money will tell everything about you

Money will tell everything about you
 It turns out that the way a person relates to money, you can tell a lot about a person. Someone lovingly puts bills duly corner to corner and gently cleans the purse, someone - casually lays crumpled bills in his pocket. How to understand what a man or woman, looking at his / her money?

Money in your wallet

People who keep their money in a purse, get more pleasure from owning than from use. Such personalities like guard their bills and from strangers, and from ourselves, or rather from their own reckless spending. Such a habit is more characteristic for women. But for men tight wallet is an important detail that increases the importance and gives weight in society. Anyway, this is how the owner wants to think of the purse.

Pile of smooth

The habit of carefully folded bills duly means much more than a simple pleasure. Moneys as would become part of a kind of ritual, causing the picture in the imagination of their owner for future acquisitions, even the fulfillment of dreams.


Coins - historically a symbol of courage. The sound of coins in your pocket at the same time gives a person pleasure and embarrassment, because he seemed so declares his sexual superiority.

Money in your pocket

If a person is used to carry money in your pocket, it means that he is afraid of losing them, because this "secret" are under constant supervision - in their presence can be seen, only quietly touching hand.

Thick wad

Multiple currency notes stacked in a thick bundle, considered a symbol of belonging to the elite of society. Some people deliberately change large bills into smaller, reaching a feeling of owning "boundless wealth."


Plastic cards, like chips and tokens in the gambling houses, give a sense of unlimited power. Initially these cards were created for convenience, but you can see and unwillingness to communicate with real money.

Crumpled money

The fact that if you do not respect the money to crush them, they are not "usual" in humans has long been known. However, analysts do not agree with this statement. Crumpled piece of paper, which expands in size. This may indicate confusion or dissatisfaction by the lack of money or fear of order.

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