Led by people and sects

Led by people and sects
 In the mass consciousness is firmly rooted image of a member of the sect as an uneducated person, subject to any influence, not having their own opinions. This stereotype has developed we have thanks to several news reports, but mainly thanks to the TV series. However, while a few studies in this area show that the psychological portrait of sectarian does not have this way nothing. And the process of involving the sect is least associated with suggestibility.

Risk in this case is not driven by people. For this type of sectarian identity is not particularly interesting, because adult driven person usually has for someone "is" - belongs as a community, from which it is quite difficult to pull out. And the involvement of the sect necessarily require breaking the previous social relations and of replacing them with new ones. A very important phenomenon of the sect as a community of people is to create "a sense of we" within the group, as well as any opposition to the other groups - "Them." A person experiencing a "sense of We" with other social community for recruiters sects and unavailable.

Thus, the most easy prey for them are people who do not have a deep emotional attachment to feel a sense of loneliness and have a high need for empathy. If to this is added on the search for meaning in life, the truth, the desire for knowledge, the person becomes an ideal hunted for recruiters. Of particular importance is the life situation in which turned out to be a man with such personal characteristics. This situation can be any radical changes, stress, disappointment, frustration, etc. Anyone in such circumstances becomes more vulnerable and accessible to outside influences.

In this case, a well-established recruitment tactics will work for sure. It all starts with an exaggerated attention to the interests, problems, emotions being recruited. Recruiter to take an active interest in the potential customer, emphasizes that shared his interests, ideas and beliefs, understands the problems and behaves overly friendly. In this case, quite often between the recruiter and his client set the emotional bond, which is the first step to getting into the sect.

The next step, according to the apt definition of I. Molchanov, becomes "love bombing" of the candidate. He is invited to attend the meeting, which often goes to nature, where it is surrounded by excessive attention, care and love. All participants in the meeting cheerful, friendly, interested and show exalted joy at meeting the new participant. All this taken together introvert scared off once and for all. But sectarians not recruit introverts because they are not afraid to be out of the social community, therefore, is much less susceptible to group pressure, which is a necessary component of the "treatment". For extrovert same kind of attitude as a breath of fresh air.

Here's how to describe the "ideal convert" representatives "of the Church Unity": it must be a man of 18 to 24 years old, healthy physically, optimistic, extroverted, located in an active spiritual quest that does not have strong social ties. Additional factors that increase the risk of involvement in the sect are artistic mindset and the predominance of external locus of control behavior that characterizes most people except in the most mature and critically thinking individuals.

Thus, the most likely candidates are people in the sect poetic, idealistic, prone to spiritual pursuits, sociable, open, often in difficult life situations and, in most cases, lacking emotional relationships or inner emptiness, inferiority of its existence.

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