I do not like to cook. So what?

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 Complicated life of a woman, do housework. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cleaning - all from my head spin. But some of this situation easier. For example, do not prepare. Do not know how, do not like or do not want to do it. Normally if the status quo or not to draw attention?

Serious relationship between a man and a woman sooner or later lead to the allocation of responsibilities: who should make those who wash dishes, wash someone who get out and, finally, someone to cook. The usual option when many members of the male recall that woman - the keeper of the hearth, and, therefore, she and responsibility. Here could begin "mutiny on the ship." You have the right to ask a very fair question, "What if I do not like to cook? What then? ".

Indeed, no you do not forcibly put to the plate. That's just kind of an ultimatum: "I will not do it and the point" - clearly not the best way out. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And maybe, in this expression is only part of the truth, but nevertheless, like most people, they like to eat. In addition, if your favorite cook myself just can not, it must be someone to feed. Just not you, then who? Think not whether he, being in a state of evil and hungry, leave her for another woman, the smell of delicious soup and cakes.

Although perhaps your financial condition allows to eat in cafes and restaurants. Then the problem will disappear by itself.

Also, there is still an option. Discuss with the second half, if he would object to the obligation to cooking lay on his shoulders. After all, some men are excellent cooks. Even believe that cooking - not for women. We can assume that you wonder lucky if a loved one enjoys cooking chores.

But do not forget about other domestic affairs. After all the hassle of difficult, you can not get rid of. Think about what your man is also nice attentions. For example, it pampers you walk, and you have - to clean house and clean clothes. The main thing that favorite knew that his choice - not an idle. This idyll save on unnecessary conflicts and disputes about who is now preparing.

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