How to survive a setback in his personal life

How to survive a setback in his personal life
 Parting with a loved one is always experienced quite painful. Feeling hurt, pain, bitterness and disappointment of another failure, try to still do not give up. Survive the difficult period of life with dignity in your power.
 Even if after the incident you are experiencing a lot of stress, it does not mean that you are not able to feel the peace and experience positive emotions. Suffering from the loss deeply worrying situation, at some point people could feel happy. Do not miss the small joys of life, look around, check out the clouds, trees and flowers. Try to realize that after breaking up with a partner normal life goes on. A great way to throw resentment, frustration and irritation - any sport. In addition, it will just help you to escape from the sad memories.

Make an effort reprogram your negative thoughts, tuning in to a positive. Listen: what words you describe what happened to you? Replace with another formulation of an obsession, "I can not bear it! ". Try to step back from their emotions and admit to yourself: "I once had an idea that I can not bear it."

Another way to get rid of heavy thoughts - how to analyze them. Rather than try to forget everything that you are bound, think about what your friend did to save the relationship. Recall occasions when you yourself violate the promises given to the partner, he applied resentment, hurt or did not do what should have been. Of course, blaming the other easier and more familiar, but your memory will help uncover the causes of the incident and, paradoxically, grow cold to the former lover.

Whatever it was, do not look for its own fault, not engage in self-flagellation. Consider what happened, not as another personal failure but as a step towards a new knowledge, as the beginning of a completely different and interesting life stage. Indeed, any loss is any guide, makes a person wiser. So try to learn from this situation. Do not lower the arms and ask yourself: "What can I learn? What to do to wrap everything in their favor? ". It is possible that in the near future and you can not find answers to these questions, but positive thoughts will help you get through this difficult period of life.

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