How to overcome jealousy

How to overcome jealousy
 Jealousy - a serious problem faced by almost all people. Sometimes partner can remember something related to the former, thus giving a reason for the outbreak of jealousy, and it happens that you yourselves cheat, thinking and guessing about what is really no. Jealousy spoil the most wonderful relationship, and in most cases it is a painful and poisonous feeling lacked a real causes.

If you have a current man is not the first, then you, anyway, will compare it with the previous one. It is natural that he thought would do exactly the same. The most important thing in this situation - not to share their thoughts with a partner. Even if something your ex did much better than the man who is now with you, with him you've been separated. It is not necessary to talk about it, and even more, you can never blame your man that he is in some ways worse than your ex. The same applies to his relationship to you.

Men are much less likely to give their reproach, that they in some way inferior to the former woman, but accidentally mention something associated with "that woman" could easily your favorite. Of course, this is terribly frustrating. But try to pull myself together. If he says calmly about it, without expressing positive or negative emotions, it's all right, she stayed in the past.

Often, women begin to compare myself with all sorts of rivals in the role that can be acted colleagues, friends and former men. If you are fragile brunette, and the lady with whom you are comparing yourself - busty blonde, then you can start to think that he likes it such that you tell her to "play" in comparison, and so on in the same vein. But do not hurry. Because now he is with you! So he chose you, he likes your looks, your character and other qualities. Be confident.

Also, do not ask a man to try to find him where he was and what he was doing. You can never look in his letters, read messages on the phone.It's just humiliating and dishonorable, first of all, it's bad for you. In addition, the shadowing force him to hide even the most innocent things. Did you something and find and certainly istolkuete in the wrong direction, and then what to do? You can decide that he is being cheated you, but in fact the constant questioning and suspicion simply forced him to hide everything.

If you do not respect her man, do not trust him, why do you need this relationship? Create a happy union on this basis will not succeed. If you still can not cope with their unfounded suspicions, then maybe you have too much free time to think about it? Go do something, get a hobby. Sign up for foreign language courses or start going to the dance club. Suspicions that spun around in your head, begin to disappear, giving way to a fresh sensation and thought.

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