How to overcome fear of communication

How to overcome fear of communication
 Have you noticed that you communicate with people is very difficult? Topics of conversations that you factory, far-fetched, but your answers seem to be boring and stupid. Speak as someone first seems an impossible task at all. Recognize yourself? Then you need to overcome the fear of communication.  
 What people will not do you no harm, you know very well for a long time. Even if you set yourself completely stupid in a conversation, you are unlikely someone will say something in person. And talk behind my back really you do not really care about and. And the situation when your friend tells his friend, "You know, it's so uninteresting" seems to work. However, all these beliefs do not change anything - you find it difficult to communicate with people.

Of course, you can complain to the psychologist as much as necessary, to read articles on the topic and believe in yourself. But without the experience of communication to talk to people you do not learn. Therefore fear is necessary to treat exactly what you are afraid of and. But do not worry ahead of time - everything you come in stages.

First you have to learn to speak with itself. Remember - you should not be afraid of anyone. By the way, you do not have anything to anybody. Every time catch myself thinking that all do not, remember this rule. It will help you relax and feel more confident.

What are you afraid? Seem boring? And what is the reason? Maybe it's time to do their own education. Begin to read clever books, watch different movies, go to exhibitions. Then the topic of conversation, and there will always be in your all-round development no doubt.

Do not know how to support the theme? Once you relax - and we will talk to himself.
Can not please the man? Like all nobody can. If you can not get close to any of the surrounding, so it is not the people of your circle.

Now start talking. It is not necessary to pop incessantly, but instead of standard phrases crank small talk. Answer "thank you" every time the seller or the cashier. Try to talk to the taxi driver. Caught in the same situation with someone else - for example, waiting for a bus, try to talk to others about it.

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