How to cope with feelings of guilt

How to cope with feelings of guilt
 If you make a mistake, you probably will be for some time to experience regret, tormented by guilt. If there is an opportunity to correct their actions, should take advantage of it, and you will immediately become easier. Otherwise guilt can stay with you for years to come.
 If you're willing to do self-examination, a sheet of paper, a pen and think carefully. Write down in one column all that you have done when something is wrong, listing their mistakes in a column. On the contrary, in the second column, you will describe how one would do in that situation. The second column will represent your thoughts and anguish that come to you as soon as you remember what happened (the event in the first column). A visual representation of their mistakes, awareness of guilt and acceptance of sole responsibility for the actions will help you get rid of the oppressive thoughts.

The basic meaning of prescribing on a piece of action that you could take - this is proof that you are aware of wrongness of their actions and the repetition of the situation was absolutely different. Now it's time to stop blaming yourself - you become more experienced, wiser and more knowledgeable.

To get rid of the guilt, should try to remedy the situation - to apologize to the person you have wronged, or give a moral duty to do something else that will cleanse your soul. You will immediately become easier. If correct the situation have no way, work with his guilt mentally, ease the soul or spiritual father confessed to the crime the most reliable and loved one. Then forgive yourself, explaining to myself that you do the forced character traits, circumstances, people, etc.

Remember the times when you did the right thing, avoid the temptation to make a mistake - praise yourself for it, do yourself a compliment. Try to always celebrate such situations and often remember them.

If you get rid of the guilt alone does not work, ask for help from a psychologist - he helps you, using various techniques. Learn how to treat wine as a stimulus for further movement, self-improvement, change and personal growth. Changing their attitude towards wine, you can learn to change something in your life, use your sad experience of peace, and not to revel in that feeling, getting yourself to move forward. Stop living in the past, look to the future with optimism and believe in what you are now is not the same man who once made mistakes.

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