How to bring the character

How to bring the character
 Character - a set of features and properties of man. Their development occurs throughout life. People lack these qualities, which can be analyzed and educate.
 Sometimes the man himself does not like the features of its own nature - not a lack of confidence, self-control, and it can be seen from the side. If a person has a strong character, he persistently tried that outlined in my life. Such traits in humans immediately noticeable from the first minutes of dialogue. Immediately and can understand or weak-willed person.

So ask yourself, what qualities in your own character you do not like? Why do you need them? You may be trying to protect themselves from the outside world, when your life is something unpleasant or negative; You may be trying to get some benefit. Decide whether it is a problem or it arises only in your head?

Analyze whether you have the qualities that prevent you live, or is it just a reflection of the views of certain people? For example, parents, friends, and acquaintances.

Specify what positive qualities you would like to buy? Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, write: "I want to buy a determination, dedication, talent, resourcefulness. I already have (for example) kindness, compassion."

Now imagine a hero who, in your opinion, has all the right qualities. This is not necessarily the hero of the film, it could be a character from the movie, a historical figure.

Try to imagine that you already have all the desired qualities, do as you wish. Keep a picture with your new image in my head for several minutes. Do this exercise, for example, in the morning, with my eyes closed.

Think what indecision? This habit of doubt, when you need to take the right decision. Replace it with another healthy habit. The first time you will feel uncomfortable, but then feel the new features make you a better and higher quality of your life.

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