How to be in the spotlight

How to be in the spotlight
 To be in the spotlight, do not need expensive silks and diamonds. Why, sometimes do not even have a traditional look. However, some of the qualities and skills of the collective soul must still possess.
 In order to take a place in the spotlight in any society, most importantly, you need not be afraid of the public, do not be shy when talking only about you, and do not hesitate one day become a subject of ridicule. From this position can be nice to get out, but everyone's attention for five minutes will belong only to you. To get rid of the fear of public speaking, you can practice at home in front of a mirror with reading what some humorous monologues, it will give you confidence.

The soul of the company in zagashnichke always find a couple of sparkling jokes. Therefore, from now on in his spare time watching as much as possible the necessary transmission of satire and humor, read jokes, funny sayings great or funny stories from the lives of celebrities. In a short time, so you podnatoreete that can no preparation on the go invent jokes. The main thing is not to be like everyone.

You should be able to shine out of any situation, even from delicate. If, say, you accidentally hit a bucket of water that fell from the hands of walking up the stairs from the top cleaners, do not get lost. It is important to relax and have fun. If the court at the time - the summer, you can draw on the face of delight, showing their joy by refreshing cool water. Remember soul of the company around and find a positive reason to have fun.

Party - the very place where the soul of the team can shine the brightest lights. Here he will have the opportunity to demonstrate their organizational skills, which a considerable number he has. There is an opportunity to practice the skill to be the most active speaker. The man who is the focus, almost always speaks more than listening. And of course, here you can find the site for the eye-popping jokes, humor and laughter bewildering to abdominal cramps on your soul.

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