How much time we spend on fees and why?

How much time we spend on fees and why?
Perhaps all of us have to constantly going somewhere - to work, for a walk, on a date to leave. How much time we spend on these fees, and how to make them as efficient as possible - to gather for a limited time and do not forget anything important?  

First of all, we should distinguish between normal duties (the most striking example - the daily fees for work) from responsible - for an important business meeting or on a ceremonial reception on a long journey. Finally, any fees can be force majeure, that is, held for a very limited time.

Under normal fees is important that all the things that we need on a regular basis when leaving the house (documents, money, keys, phone, umbrella, etc.) Are in place, they are generally better than less shift. It is advisable to choose the day before and put in order the clothes and shoes that you will need in the morning. And of course, should be given to your charges quite a period of time, as experience has shown that it is rarely possible to reduce at least a few minutes.

Responsible fees differ from normal or increased requirements to own appearance or the fact that it is important not to forget anything essential. In the first case it is better to think in advance and pick up his costume and accessories, spend a fitting as much time as you need to be sure that it is in these clothes you feel comfortable, and you will have the most to please his own reflection in the mirror. Of course, women are responsible for such fees should be left on your hair and make up much more time than usual.

If you are going on a trip, start a few days at least a little to select what you need, and put in a certain place. Then by the time the final fees you will just have to put all this in backpacks or suitcases.

Finally, in the case of fees for a limited time, you should focus as much as possible, no matter what distractions. Let your pets do not interfere with the advice and help only if they ask you about something specific.

And yet, there is a famous Parkinson's Law, that any work fills the allotted time for her. Obviously, it is fully valid in relation to fees and the time we spend on them. Successful us all charges!

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