Components of female happiness

Components of female happiness
 Woman in the understanding of many is the guardian of the hearth. It should take care of the condition of their homes, about your husband or life partner, raise children, take care of yourself and be attractive. Scientists have found that woman's happiness depends primarily on how stable the environment around it.  

Happiness in the scientific sense of the term - a certain set of psychological reactions and the moral and human value systems. It is formed from the habits of the individual, his outlook, outlook on life and other factors. Argued that the extent to which people will feel happy in this life, is laid in childhood. What is the true woman's happiness?

Firstly, it is a permanent partner and the quality of relationship with him. This includes many different aspects. A woman wants to love and be loved. A sense of confidence and stability affair also greatly affects her psychological state. To this should be added and complete sexual satisfaction. Perhaps each of the fairer sex to see a caring man who will fit all that set of qualities that will be optimal for life with her.

Secondly, it is the happiness of motherhood. Almost every woman to a certain age starts to feel the need to become a mother. And the lack of implementation of this desire brings probably the greatest sadness and disappointment in a woman's life. A long-awaited birth of a child - one of the greatest joys.

Third, this material condition. Every woman wants to wear expensive things to buy stylish handbags and accessories, use a good makeup. Plus, the woman needed to hiking solarium and beauty. All this requires a lot of money. Women are more coquette, so if they can not secure a decent look, then their happiness fades. Stable financial situation in the extreme impact on a woman's view of his own happiness.

Fourth, it is a way of relaxation and leisure. Why do I need to look after themselves and buy expensive things stylish, if all the time to stay home and not go to the people? Girls and women are a big fan of restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, shopping malls, cozy bars and other similar establishments. Women should be fun. Given how rapidly changing women's mood, constant entertainment makeup is a must. Huge charge of happiness and great joy every woman receives from holiday resorts. Good holiday - good mood for a long time.

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