Workaholics: classification and treatment

Workaholics: classification and treatment
 Many people suffer from workaholism. Yes, it is to suffer, because it is - a disease. Some do not understand this and sometimes even proud of their desire to work. But they confuse two very different concepts: diligence and workaholism. The first involves the desire to earn money to achieve any purpose, such as to buy a flat, while the latter are dependent in the same way as an alcoholic for alcohol, drug addict to drugs. Psychologists share of such people on some criteria, the treatment of which is significantly different.

There is a type of workaholics who look to work the next portion of adrenaline. They constantly scream, create a fuss about themselves, their table littered papers, and they do not leave the phone at the same time doing two things at once: solve problems through communication and fill some documents. Treatment of such people must begin with the search extreme places where you can get the same adrenaline. Also, they need to organize their working day in advance. In extreme cases, you can change jobs.

Also among workaholics have perfectionists. These are people who are trying to be perfect in everything they hone their skills, while exhausting your body. So people need to think through the process of work in advance, for the same success can be achieved by reducing the time.

People who are trying to come to work before anyone else, and leave the latter are also workaholics. At the same time they always preoccupied look, they are always busy. A characteristic feature of these people - they are grouped in small communities. Typically, these people do not like to be alone. To distract himself, he can go on nature, buy a subscription to the gym or even go rollerblading with old friends.

There are true workaholics who suffer because of their addiction, but, nevertheless, can not do anything. Usually it is the employees devoted to their work. They forget their loved ones, completely absorbed in the work. In addition to her they do not care, they suffer from insomnia, life for them as if painted in gray tones. This type of workaholics most complicated, difficult man to deal with the problem, so you should turn to professionals. Sometimes you want to radically change their lives, for example, move to another city.

People with dependence on the job, you need to move more, such as sports. Do not expect that one day your illness will disappear, sometimes it takes months.

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