Women's bad habits

Women's bad habits
 It is said that a man was born on Mars and women on Venus. We are beings from different planets and understand each other can be very difficult. Question empathy men and women under one roof - is as old as the world. At all times it was difficult. Especially strong this process complicate women's habits that a man crazy. In this case, let it go like death! The most optimum variant - is to study the habits of women and promptly get rid of them. This must be done very carefully otherwise disputes, misunderstandings and resentments.

Quarrels stem from the fact that we do not want to work on themselves and sag under the weight of the great female habits. Of course, for a man happiness here and does not smell. Understand why men are so hard with women, it is possible. You must sincerely want to do this and trying to eradicate a major harmful and unnecessary female habits.

One of the basic habits for women - it's a habit carefully to swarm in the past. Female "individuals" do not let the bread, offer to delve into the past, compare, compare, etc.

But if by chance you find that once in the past was much better !!! Here a woman like a cat - is able to exhaust all and lime in an attempt to regain its former perfection and ideal.

If we talk about the reproaches and insults - there is material on a great book! The words that were uttered many years ago, a woman does not lose its relevance than ever. The phrase, which has sparked a fight between a man and a woman immediately erased from the memory of men, a woman as long to keep it in his good memory and at the first suitable occasion recall the man. This habit creates the following, no less harmful, namely magic affection for old things. This habit accommodates attachment to the old outfit, relationships, and all the past life of a woman. Forgetting active movement "forward only", many women choose to stay in the past, and to cling to experience cherished feelings and memories.

One of the most "annoying" women's habits - is constantly rush things. Almost all women want to have everything at once. When the uncertainty of future relations, long wait - a "red flag" for all representatives of Venus.

For this reason, the majority of women are imprisoned men's promises were spoken to them in the heat of passion. Believe frivolous confessions of men - an integral part of the nature of most girls. Ladies, have a particularly rough imagination, unable to quickly plan a life together with a man early in the relationship with him. Men in turn about this interesting features of women do not realize the opposite sex at an early stage is driven solely libido.

Women do not be lazy, try to look at ourselves and get rid of harmful and do not need anyone female habits. Maybe then life will be more interesting and easier.

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