Why do some people cling to their fears?

Why do some people cling to their fears?
 Almost everyone has some fears. Fear of loneliness, fear of water, darkness - phobias are very much in the modern world. But some people cling to their fears, because they are afraid of losing them.

Many do not realize that if you get rid of your fears, you can achieve a lot in this life is to enjoy it. For example, if a person is afraid of water, it is worth it to get rid of this phobia, as he learns to swim. A swimming - the key to a healthy body and spirit. There are people who believe that if they keep their fears, they will be individual and special. But it is not. Some cling to fear, thinking that by keeping them, they motivate them. They believe that if they are afraid of being poor, it would soon become rich. However, the desire to get rich makes a person to change their moral principles. There are people who believe that fear is a necessary part of our lives.

If a person is a lifetime that will - be afraid, it will not achieve anything, that - that will interfere with him in life, career, family. As long as a person has low self-esteem will be fear - it will perceive failure. Fear of heights - people afraid of himself, his act, he feared for his life. Fear of heights causes a person to stay away from the edge, from which you can fall and hurt yourself. Many of this nature, and get rid of this fear is often very difficult.

Fear prevents people in my life, since they restrict their freedom and aspirations. Need to get rid of the fears themselves, but if not, then you need to resort to methods of psychotherapy.

However, not always the fear of negative value. Fear can cause harm, and can save a person. Psychological fear is always turned to what might happen rather than what is already happening. To get rid of fear, you need to stay confident, to be more resolute. Need to realize that fear is no longer needed, give yourself a chance not to feel it. Fear can either completely destroy or convert it.
Man creates his fear, so only he can conquer their phobias. Therefore, no need to hold on to their fears, better get rid of them.

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