Want to live long? Find the meaning of life!

Want to live long? Find the meaning of life!
 The problem of longevity of any person concerned, and scientists have long interested in the question: what contributes to a long and fulfilling life. We ourselves can see that life expectancy does not depend on wealth, nor is it a fortress health or physical work. Other things being equal, they are able to only slightly prolong life, but that's what really contributes to longevity, it's the knowledge that you need and that your life has meaning.

American researchers from Rush University (Chicago) conducted a series of studies with older people whose age is approaching 80 years. Some years they deal with thousands of old people who do not have mental health problems that were already in a serious enough age.

Through statistical analyzes, they divided his players into two groups. In the first group are those who have seen the point in its existence, were able to find him in his life and sought some goals in the second - those who did not consider his life performed at least some sense and did not consider it necessary to fill them your life.

Within three years, until the experiment was in the second group died two times more people than in the first one. In addition, this group of elderly people more likely to suffer age-related disorders, more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

From this we can conclude that when a person loses its raison d'être, is reflected in the quality and duration of life. He is deprived of deep inner motivation weakens, loses the support and the will to live. People who have no sense of life are removed from responsibility for other people and focus only on themselves, their problems, finding no other use of their forces and abilities. All this makes it unnecessary to continue to exist, so they can only die.

And dry statistics confirmed that those who live for others or has some sort of life purpose, 57% more likely to reach old age in 85 years, while remaining in a clear mind. Research scientists are continuing and they hope to get additional confirmation of this phenomenon.

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