The solution to all psychological problems - within you

The solution to all psychological problems - within you
 Seemingly without any displays of emotion will be easier to live. Yet the basic psychological problems arise just the fault of thinking and reasoning, and feelings, feelings, fantasies and dreams help to solve them!

Emotions - a valuable gift of nature - the universal language for understanding each other (both humans and animals)! .. In addition, according to Darwin, that emotions help us survive, so that not only the laughter and fun, but also fear, along with other not particularly pleasant experience lengthen our lives.

Even if we get frustrated and sad - it's good. People constantly "seasoned" positive slight sadness, five times less risk of falling into a state of depression compared to those who are always optimistic. Regularly receives "charge anguish" body better fights with stress. So during the "dark stripes" better to give way to tears, enough pity on himself, and then settle down and boldly step forward to overcome the difficulties.

It happens that a person is constantly worried about (my husband is late by five minutes, the movie is too sad, etc. - heart trembles in the breast and need to drink valerian) - but you should know that those who are nervous about trifles, live longer than those that will not catch anything.

Throw out the fleeting emotions are more important than keeping them in yourself - psychologists claim. This eliminates the DC voltage and scrolling in my head the same thoughts. By the way, that's one of the reasons that women live longer than men ...

However, in the bustle of everyday life and they both can turn into robots that do everything "on the machine." And it's boring and harmful. Due to the lack of experience a person can degrade emotionally, "grow stupid feelings", stop responding to any stimuli. Do not allow indifference - that is to get rid of feelings of loss. Do not divide the world into "good and evil", "good and bad", "black and white"! There are a whole range of emotions.

You can get them not only to communicate with people, but also movies, music, books, etc. Detectives in paperback, computer games and "kinouzhastiki" also come in handy! It helps to distract from the turmoil, take a look at the failure of a new and fresh forces to tackle the problems. Of course, all should be in moderation.

Only emotions can and do harm. Anger lowers immunity, quickens the pulse. Hatred corrodes the body from the inside, making the body more quickly "wear out." Better just to oppose them with love, passion. Love is useful for health: excellent working light (the person begins to breathe deeply), improves blood circulation, derived cholesterol.

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