Tell me what you dream ...

Tell me what you dream ...
 Imagine that all of us - the creation of living in different worlds. Yes, in general, to present it - you do not even have a developed imagination. Suffice it every night to close their eyes and be transported to your personal own world, and in the morning again to go back to the - one size fits all. It is called reality.

What is a dream? Our ancestors thought that dreams - God's gift to the people, a kind of message, which is encrypted important things. Aristotle believed that the dream is nothing else than the imagination. Esotericism believe that dreams - this is different facets of reality or signals about future events. Only psychoanalysis, not so long ago appeared on the light, believe that dreams - this is a weak voice of the subconscious that we are able to hear due to the fact that consciousness plunged into slumber.

But what is trying to tell us that the most mysterious part of us that, as some believe, is the human soul? Of course, ourselves. The fact that we are concerned, worried, which can result in current events, what we dream, why we suffer. To put it simply: "Tell me what you dream about - and I will tell who you are, what you think and alarming."

Subjects of our dreams somehow reflect our daily lives as well as our motives, attitudes, aspirations and fears. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams - this is a protective mechanism to defuse some annoying situation by imaginary meet them.

Whatever it was, dreams - this is a direct reflection of our reality. Surprisingly, only distinguish three kinds of dreams and 12 types of scenes! There are dreams, dreams, nightmares occur, as well as dreams, where figures punishment.

With dreams - the realization of desires simple. Hungry man dreams richly laid table, forced ascetic - nude woman freezes - a warm blanket or a fire.

Cause nightmares can be anything - a horror film, scanned the day before, too dense dinner, book or other event. A lot is being disputes about what the function carry nightmares. In fact, there still exists Freudian view of dreams (according to her in a dream we unload the psyche, in a dream solving some of their problems).

However, the Finnish psychologist Antti Revonsuo advanced the theory that the nightmares are nothing else than the rehearsal real dangers that can befall reality. Something like a training room.

Dream-punishment too, in fact, are the fulfillment of a wish-dreams. But not those desires that give us pleasure and satisfaction, but rather a desire that part of us that criticizes, instructs and censors all our lives.
Knowing all this, it is difficult to consider a dream just a game of imagination. Is not it?

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