Syndrome excellent pupil. Causes and consequences

Syndrome excellent pupil. Causes and consequences
 Excellent pupil syndrome is characterized by the desire to do everything in life as "excellent". Along with the positive side and negative syndrome has its side. After all, it is impossible to jump over your head. Striving to all ideal torments of man. Excellent pupil syndrome is also called perfectionism, which manifests itself in the first place excessive demands on yourself.
 In perfectionists head laid postulate "I am able." It becomes the cause of all problems. Beliefs perfectionist formed in childhood and leads to conflict between "I" and the real "I" ideal. A consequence of this is serious psycho-emotional problems.

Side effects are excellent pupil syndrome - a disappointment. In perfectionists they cause profound experiences. The pursuit of the ideal is frustrating. After all, perfection is very difficult to match. As a result, life is gradually becoming a disappointment. Nervous disorders develop into nervous breakdowns and hysteria. The reality is so different from the ideal that the mind can not stand.

Another consequence of perfectionism is the lack of individuality. We perfectionist ideal image combines the positive qualities of idols and authorities. This leads to the loss of a person's own personality and inability to reveal themselves.

In perfectionists often a desire to control themselves and others, and all of life's situations. This usually leads to disastrous consequences.

Fighting perfectionism rather heavy, but it is possible. The cause of the disease is to suppress their own feelings and emotions. But do not take it out on people who went into hysterics and prove its truth in order to throw out negative emotions and relieve himself. Bury emotions in the depths of his soul also is not necessary. It is best to keep the first emotions and recognize their imperfections. This work with the emotions will help prevent the occurrence of destructive processes in the shower.

How to get rid of an excellent pupil syndrome? Stop suffering is not so difficult. You just need to learn to express emotions and realize that life - not competition. There are no leaders and outsiders, and there are people walking to his goal on his way, but not for the sake of achieving the goal, but for life.

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