Shopping for women depends on hormones

Shopping for women depends on hormones
 Scientists have shown that hormones directly affect our desires, including the nature of shopping. Women make spontaneous and impulsive purchases mainly because of the hormonal changes that cause the onset of critical days. Approximately 10 days prior to cycle a woman can undergo desire to go shopping.

Shopping is a unique way to splash energy and emotions that arise because of the hormones. Women prone to stress is in the premenstrual period, and hence the desire to perform any actions. This helps them to be of good cheer.

In the first week cycle estrogen levels gradually rise. Drowsiness is replaced by a desire for any action. During this period, a woman can spend a lot of money for a small but unnecessary trinkets.

In the second week the body prepares for ovulation, and the level of testosterone and estrogen is at its peak. Produced a large amount of endorphins, a woman full of energy. Accordingly, there is a great desire for new acquisitions. Most likely, it will be large and expensive things, even on credit. However, in this case it is better to take a break and think rationally about the need to make a purchase.

3 week cycle of estrogen falls again, the body prepares for a possible pregnancy, I want less sex. Start sleeping problems, desire to buy something soft and cozy home. I want everything to cook more and eat more, and thus increase spending on food.

In the last week of a cycle hormone levels continue to fall, the hands reach for chocolate and sweets. I would like to buy all the tools that are used to care for themselves.

Scientists is due to the fact that hormones affect part of the brain responsible for emotions and self-control. Some scholars say about the subconscious desire to look more attractive women at a time when she is most likely to get pregnant. Either way, many ladies, according to the results of opinion polls, recognized that later regretted impulse purchase.

Of course, all these desires depend on the availability of funds, and on personal factors. But it is necessary to analyze their impulses, to protect themselves from unnecessary purchases, or vice versa to get the most of your shopping.

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