Sad with pleasure. Useful depression

Sad with pleasure. Useful depression
 When rolls depression, there is a feeling that you were alone in the world, nothing pleases and is not interested, do not want anyone to see and nothing to hear. But from this state you can get a lot of benefits and, most importantly do not dwell on their feelings and act wisely.

Do not try to talk heart to heart and pour out their grief everyone. Talk about their experiences only need someone who will listen with interest and will help you practical advice. If such a person on the horizon, there is no need to cope on their own.

In depression, there are a lot of good moments can be locked in an apartment and "get away from the world", spending the evening at home alone watching old tearful melodramas, to get an album with family photos and mourn the departed years, afford to leave the house without make-up and to reproach myself for it - because you overcome depression. Very soon you will feel that you immensely tired of this way of life and will want to change something.

Sometimes it is useful to force myself to stop all the time to be strong and steadfast, and just feel like a little girl, to get under the covers and mourn. And let the world around until painted in gray tones - enjoy fully self-pity and idleness, because this period end sooner or later. Your task - to make this happen as quickly as possible. After a while you will surely visit the idea that depression you may well enjoy, and it's time to "go back" to the people.

For this to happen quickly, often come to the phone - perhaps people in the world there is something interesting. Stop portraying the pillow and get up off the couch, get dressed and go outside - not because you have bread ended, but simply to stroll. Do not empty the refrigerator because nothing else to do - because you have a favorite work, pay attention to her. And stop repeating that you are tired. After so much time you indulged sadness during this time could well rest.

This "useful" depression will allow a good time, restore your strength as well as any vacation, and you will return to normal life in good spirits and full of energy.

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