Psychological ecology

Psychological ecology
 The process of "erosion" of such concepts as "ecological", touched and psychology. Study of various aspects of environmental psychology in both domestic and foreign, began relatively recently, and the terms that are used in related disciplines who are interested in this issue, is not well defined.

When it comes to what is the psychological environment, it is necessary to clarify what kind of "ecological psychology" have in mind. More or less generally accepted may be considered the term "ecological psychology" as a common name to refer to 4 directions in research. It is a psychological ecology, ecological approach in psychology, psychology of the environment and, in fact, the psychology of ecological consciousness.

Ecology got its start as part of biology and began to develop it as a section that explores the relationship between the various plants, animals, microorganisms with each other as well as with the environment. Later in the list including humans.

As a result, already in the twenties of the twentieth century, there is a detached scientific discipline called "human ecology". Studies environmentalists chemical, physical and biological impacts on people of their habitat more and more attention was paid to the psychological aspect, which led to the release of a special section in the environment, which became known as "psychological environment". And the object of study of this science is multifaceted influence of different environmental factors, ie, all the factors surrounding a person, on the psyche of people.

Studies on this issue, as a rule, are using environmental methodical and methodological apparatus, not psychological. Here is a concrete example of such research: investigate the impact on the psyche of people background radiation. That is the background radiation, not radiation phobia that belongs to the subject matter of certain psychological disciplines.

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