Lucid dreaming. Overcoming nightmares

Lucid dreaming. Overcoming nightmares
 If you've heard of lucid dreaming, you know, it's a dream, in which sleep is not only aware that he was asleep, but also can control the plot of sleep, changing it according to your scenario. For the first time about lucid dreaming Dutchman wrote Frederick van Eden, and the most well-known researcher of this phenomenon - Stephen Lamberzh.

The phenomenon of lucid dreaming proved by scientists. Now, many therapists and psychologists use this technique to help their patients deal with many very real problem.

One of these is the regular nightmares. Using the techniques of lucid dreaming helps to get rid of them. Practitioners of this method argue that after that they ran out of nightmares, appeared self-confidence, fear disappeared.

Nightmares dreamed of people at all times. Driven deep into the subconscious phobias, fears, which we sometimes do not even recognize ourselves, the horrors of the deliverance which pray - it all falls on a sleeping man at night, during sleep.

We all know the situation, when we wake up in a nightmare of relief and say to ourselves: "How nice that it was just a dream! ". Usually we go to sleep again, so after a while (maybe the next night, maybe a week) again wake up with a pounding heart and clammy saw in a dream a nightmare.

Lucid dreaming technique helps overcome a nightmare, not waking up. After all, having escaped from sleep awakening, you just run away, rather than to resolve conflicts. A unresolved, it is sure to happen again.

Those who practice the technique of lucid dreaming, they say that it is better during bad dream did not flee, but rather to face the enemy. If the danger is being should try to talk to him. Often after this menacing character disappears. If not, talk to him kindly and gently. Ask what he wants from you, than he is unhappy.

If you fall in a dream, do not be afraid of death, and relax. During lucid dreaming, you can see a dream and at the same time to realize that you're lying in your bed and you are in no danger. Try the contrary, to turn a nightmare into incredible fun - try to fly. All those who have experienced this feeling, they say that it was one of the most exciting and magical experiences.

Often disturbing sleep - not ready for the exam, an important report, responsible meeting. Usually we are experiencing sharp negative feelings and anxiety. In a lucid dream, you can just go out! Or, knowing that it was a dream, try to still deal with the problem and answer the question. Perhaps you will succeed, and you will no longer be afraid of this story.

Some even advise to revise recurring nightmares, call them specifically to change the script in a dream and to cope with fear.

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