How to raise self-esteem

How to raise self-esteem
 Low self-esteem can seriously ruin a man's life: it is reflected in relationships with others, prevents climb the corporate ladder, becoming the cause of nervous breakdowns, frequent stress. In the most severe cases the best solution is to appeal to a psychologist, but often people are still able to help themselves.
 The most important thing you should remember is that you are unique. No need to try to be like someone, let alone compare yourself with others. Let your colleague does the job better than you, girlfriend to cook, and my sister richer husband, because surely you something transcending these people. Accept yourself with all its advantages and disadvantages, do not reproach for mistakes. If you do not respect yourself, and the surrounding will not apply to you in the best way.

Learn to praise himself with or without cause. In the morning, Brushing her hair in the mirror, think about what you are very attractive, you have beautiful eyes or hair, sensual lips, slim figure, etc. Diligently work on their appearance, to feel more confident and never let negative thoughts. If you repeat that such a nondescript girl like you, there is no need to dress up, then bury themselves and adequate self-esteem, and their feminine charm.

Make a detailed list of their advantages. At first, it may seem that they are not, but that's not true. This fact may already indicate modesty, absence of excessive selfishness and pride. If you work long hours, but convince yourself that nothing is still not achieve, you also hardworking. The ability to cook, listen carefully to others, to help relatives, willingness to support in difficult times - all these virtues as punctuality, tact, restraint, and so on. Regularly remind yourself of the best features of your character.

Try to communicate more with the people you like, but also to engage in favorite work. Bad team could cause the formation of low self-esteem, and if you can not stop to talk with unpleasant people, learn to at least do not pay attention to them. Nothing, not even gold, not like everyone, so take the fact that you can annoy someone as normal.

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