How to overcome fear: do not let anxiety grow to phobias

How to overcome fear: do not let anxiety grow to phobias
 The feeling of fear - anticipating danger of reaction. Fear helped mankind to avoid many fraught with irreversible consequences for life situations and survive. In the development of man has managed to minimize such situations and can provide for themselves, without being subject to constant danger. But fear not gone away, it manifests itself in the form of a reaction to something unknown or potentially dangerous, and can develop into a phobia - fear of his own fear.

How to overcome your fear

You can not go further in their development, in advancing the career ladder if you are afraid of the new and the unknown, what is required to meet on the way forward. If you are experiencing fear, it will help you to overcome the ability to connect the analytical capabilities of your brain.

Psychologists advise to use the phrase: "I am sharp and wicked! "To stop the fear begins at the very beginning. Many helps to provide a blue or purple color at the first sign of a panic attack.

You must realize that your fears are not associated with the present time, and that can happen bad in the future. If you are afraid of dogs, at the sight of it, you begin to represent a situation that occurs when a dog bites you. But this may not happen - the probability is very small bite.

When you can not overcome the fear of flying or driving, in the first case it is necessary to estimate a negligible risk and try to escape in a plane, in the second - to provide good technical condition of the car and to be sure that he will not let you down on the road. In these cases, the fear can be treated using talismans of those things which have brought you a fortune, they are perfectly working.

On the plane, a good distraction and sedative will be crafts - knitting, embroidery. However, some airlines prohibit carried in the cabin knitting needles and crochet hooks move this reference in advance.

Treatment of fears and phobias

In severe cases, when your fears threaten to turn into a phobia, in which you have become afraid of the fear, not the root cause that caused it, should turn to professional psychologists. There are special techniques which allow to deal with phobias, they are considered traumatic, and this is due to medical supervision. These methods are based on the gradual habituation to the subject of phobias.

For example, to overcome the haunting fear of spiders, arachnophobia can, starting with talking about them, reading articles, watching movies. Patient then show spiders located behind glass, and then slowly remove all the obstacles, and he can easily perceive these insects, even if they are close by.

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