How to cheer yourself up, when everything "bad"?

How to cheer yourself up, when everything "bad"?
 In every man's life there are days when everything just goes wrong. Bad weather, roadblocks and misunderstandings loved ones translate into irritation, confusion, and sad. It seems that luck is ever left you, you can not concentrate on work that displeases the authorities, in the family are scheduled next disorders, and the mood is getting worse and worse. What to take to get out of the vicious circle?

"Sleep on it" - this principle is not neglected the heroes of Russian fairy tales, take it on board and you. Set aside everything and ask relatives not to bother you. If the dream is not - sit out under the soft blanket and discover an interesting book. Outswing life fictional characters distract from the real issues, will help to relax and tune in. Once you feel that the sense of reading started to walk away from you - close your eyes and go to sleep.

Self-massage - another way to good mood. If you feel that the mood is deteriorating rapidly, tears come close to the eyes or all around causes only negative emotions ... take off your shoes and massage your feet. Pay particular attention to the fingers and the space between them, according to experts, it is there are important points, influencing you send signals to the brain. If possible take off our shoes and get down to business not, try less shocking way - the index finger push the nose, followed by a dimple under the nose, massage your earlobes and the center of the chin.

Enable disk favorite artist and arrange dances before a mirror. Nobody shy, so you can afford any steps and somersaults. Thus, you, first, have fun enough, looking at their own freaks, and secondly, kneaded the muscles, causing blood to run faster through the veins, so - cheer up and come in tone.

Engage in creative, because it is the best cure for depression. Knitting, sewing, scrapbooking or soap-making - fit anything. If you're not a fan of such a hobby, search the Internet for information about the art of origami. Turning plain paper into flowers, animals, and decorate the interior, you will not notice as sadness and longing come to naught.

Go for a walk: slowly walking down the street, it is much easier to cope with their own thoughts. Go shopping, have a cup of tea in your favorite cafe, looking to visit a friend. CHANGE bones all his friends, get a dose of positive and express their concerns, you will return home in a much better frame of mind.

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