Genes have no control over the nature

Genes have no control over the nature
 Everyone has positive and negative qualities. Pleasant features always attributed a good education. But habits, unpleasant behavior and obscene statements somehow often justify genes: "Heredity I have this!" So whether it's actually - whether genes influence the nature and behavior?

Scientists at the Michigan Center for Statistical Genetics, came to the conclusion that genes are not involved in the formation of personality. Genotype, of course, can justify the "beer" tum, droopy ears, burr, stooped gait. But the manner of late or riotous behavior in society can not be attributed to heredity. In other words, genes only affect the physiological characteristics of the person.

The study showed that a combination of genes capable of 51% influence on growth, packaging and even the weight of the younger generation. For example, a high father can be born son, whose growth is not more than 1, 5 meters in adulthood, ie equipment can be transmitted to the child's body, and maybe not.

Following conclusion of the study is that all the systems of the body are associated with genes by 25%. It is in the 25% chances of getting fit "parental illness", that is the disease that is inherited.

Finally, the final finding of the study was the following conclusion - the genes have no control over any character or above intelligence, nor on the psyche. Of course, inherited the child can be transmitted to serious mental disabilities or neurosis, which can also be considered a "parent diseases." All the rest is formed by the action of human environment.

Cases, lessons learned, circle of friends - all this has a major impact on the formation of habits and character. For example, smokers are unlikely to become established from the fact that their dad smoked before birth. But already in infancy parents who smoke at children, like lay in their consciousness that smoking - it's not harmful. And then surrounding peers to confirm this. A person begins to smoke, being sure that it is safe for him and the people around them.

All the findings of scientists from Michigan Center confirmed the specific figures. The study involved more than 6,000 volunteers on personal examples that were made by all of the above conclusions.

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